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Hiking at its best

Alberta's Kananaskis Country is the Canadian Rockies at their rugged best. Over 1500 square miles of towering mountains, long-grass meadows, meandering rivers, and calm clear lakes. Kananaskis Country encompasses a large and diverse range of terrain, a wonderful outdoor playground waiting to be encountered. Wildlife is abundant, as the area remains a refuge for moose, elk, deer, bear, mountain sheep, and a diversity of bird species. The Canadian Rockies by Car is a great and easy way to experience this trip.

This Rocky Mountain neighborhood is one of rolling hills, crystalline rivers, forests teeming with wildlife, stark beauty of the high alpine rock and ice, rugged peaks and sparkling lakes. Tremendous forces formed these mountains and carved the valley walls. In the masses of uplifted limestone, it is not uncommon to find fossils of sea creatures thousands of feet above the valley floor. The retreating glaciers left a landscape now carpeted by a mosaic of meadows, aspens and evergreens. Rare and unusual wildflowers grace the hills and hollows of the valleys.

The hiking here offers limitless choices of gorgeous and challenging trails for novice hikers and mountain monsters alike. We will experience the lush stairway to the mountains. The steps proceed from grasslands, to aspen parkland, to subalpine forest, and finally to the majesty of the high alpine crest and its unrivaled panorama. This wilderness will both challenge and excite you. Arrange optional activities such as mountain biking, golfing, a horseback ride, or a thrilling whitewater rafting adventure on the Kananaskis River if you would like to take a mid-week break from the trail. Permit by Alberta Natural Resources Service.


Cross-Country Skiing
Winter Wonderland

Take in some of the most magnificent ski terrain available anywhere while enjoying the splendors of Alberta's Kananaskis Country. Cross-country ski trips are for everyone, novice to expert, and use the latest in rental equipment. View the spectacular scenery like never before, like very few people experience, and enjoy a peaceful solitude not found any other time of the year. Breathe in the crisp, clean air and enter a world of pristine, white beauty.

Your guides have years of skiing and instructing experience. As always, they will ensure a safe and fulfilling adventure. The trip will run a total of seven days and includes all group transportation, cross-country ski rentals, ski passes, guided backcountry skiing, food, lodging, and one massage. Come join us for a winter delight like no other!

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